A) -- One day clinic! April 6, 2024

A) -- One day clinic! April 6, 2024
***************We're full; don't register for this class!   

We're going to run another one on Sunday the 7th so if you haven't registered yet, register for that one! Thanks everyone. ***************

We'll start at 10, ride till 4. Lots of tight turns and slow speed control work, no high speed work. We'll keep you entertained.

We introduce some of the techniques and strategies we expand on in the 40 hour class.

Speaking of which if you take the clinic and then take the class the same year, we'll refund the cost of the clinic. Can't beat that!

Sometimes people don't want to stop riding at 4. We get it. If you want to stay late, you can, but you have to help put the bikes and cones away if you stay late.

$225. We'll give you $25 off if you use your own bike, but you'd probably rather use ours. Drops are expensive.

When signing up, please use the 'paypal' button. It'll let you use a credit card. We've been having trouble with our 'pay with credit card' button. Thanks for your understanding, and if the internet machines totally don't work, call us. We'll work it out.
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