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Hi Ed & Zsolt,
I was in need of an upgrade in my riding skills. A serious motorcycle accident I had 4 years previous, left me as nervous and lacking confidence. I needed a good course that was going to help me overcome that by drastically improving my skills or I was going to get off the bike altogether. There was an article about your school in the Jan 2010 issue of RIDER and after reading the article, I knew I had to attend. Well the "Ride Like a Cop" course along with your skilled instruction/patience and a lot of sweat on my part, got me what I was looking for. To successfully graduate was extremely satisfying. I have been telling my many riding friends all about the course and I know of one who is planning to take the challenge this coming summer in Seattle. Another benefit came after returning home, I informed my insurance company that I had graduated from your course and immediately received a $175 refund on my premium. This years premium is about $200 lower then it has been in the past. Many thanks.

Edmonton AB Canada
PS I can't plan it yet, but I do intend on coming for a refresher or completely redo the course, just for the extra practise.

Hi Ed,
Just got home after taking your Advanced rider training course and wanted to THANK YOU. I had a blast. Spending the week with you Curt and the other riders in the class was one of the most memorable times I had in a while. You and Curt are great instructors with an incredible amount of patience. In the past I was partially successful practicing on my own trying to do some tight maneuvers, but I got to a dead end. Your course got me past that dead end, your feedback and pointers whenever I did something wrong were invaluable in enabling me to get past the point where I got stuck on my own. I truly believe that every rider out there would benefit from this course, regardless of how advanced he/she is. The bonus was that in addition to improving my riding skills, the course was fun, spending over 40 hours of riding on the range and feeling the improvement with every passing hour is extremely satisfying, and addicting I might add. On the way home I took every opportunity to practice at the gas stations, the motels parking lots, the rest stops parking lots… Looks like I'll be looking for excuses to ride to the store in the future. By the way, I shared my experience on a few of the motorcycle forums I belong to…

Clint, Beaverton, OR

Some people earn a college degree in their latter years. For motorcycle enthusiasts, Northwest Motor School offers a parallel in opportunity for accomplishment. The skilled professionals administering the program will take a motivated individual to the apex of his or her potential in motorcycle operation. The end results far exceeded my expectations.

Edward, Seattle, WA

Hi Ed:
I don't mean to be maudlin, but I have climbed mountains, dived oceans, trained for cold-weather survival, jumped from airplanes, hunted dangerous game in Africa and spent more time pursuing academic degrees than Zsolt has been riding motorcycles...but I have never been through such an intense, concentrated, focused and incredible course as the Northwest Motorcycle School program, nor have I ever experienced such an unbelievable personal advancement and achievement (going from "he'll never get it" to fully qualifying on the course) in such a short time.
Never. I really mean that.
You and your staff have given me something special, immeasurable and irreplaceable - confidence on two wheels.
I can only say thank you; not a fair exchange, really. It's the best I can do, but it comes from the heart.

Mike, Langley, WA

Hey Northwest! Today, I *got* to complete a full-on 50 mph max braking surprise stop! Wonky traffic light on hwy 2. Got a thumbs up from a trucker watching and waiting to turn. Best yet: I felt confident and secure with it. Mirrors checked and landed in first gear. No problem. THANK YOU NW!! ……Yeah, a lot to consider. Key is to keep considering while controlling what you can.

Karen, Wenatchee, WA

Ed, I want to thank ya'll for the time spent and the determination ya'll exhibited in working with us to accomplish what we came for. Integrity is the best word to describe your training professionals and school in general. As determined as Zsolt and Curt were to see all of us succeed I was really impressed to see they never compromised the program by lowering the standards but stuck with us til we got it.I think it's amusing to find I instinctively use the head/eye even when driving a four wheeled vehicle now. I may find that to be something not to do except on a motorcycle but I'll find out in time. All in all, the time spent with ya'll will increasingly become more a dream than reality in my memories-to get to do something you love doing for five days and be exposed to such life saving skills for improvement and safety at the same time. Thank ya'll again for making it all possible.

Mike, Ennis, Texas

I wanted to once again express my appreciation to you and to Zsolt, Robert and Steve. Not only did I have a ball, but I learned much more than I imagined that I needed to about how to really ride a motorcycle. My progess from Day 1 to Day 4 is a tribute to your team's skills as instructors, certainly not any talent on my part, as I adroitly demonstrated so often. I do take some pride, though, in not once dropping the bike. I hope to see you for a refresher course next year. In the meantime, I will be posting a short report on two BMW web lists that I monitor. Feel free to give my name and contact information to anyone who wants to talk to an alumni.
Bob - Thousand Oaks, CA


A belated note regarding my experience with the school this past July at MHCC. This was one of the most intensive classes I have ever attended. That being said, I learned a great deal about proper riding skills, shucking bad habits, and was exposed to more extensive riding skills than in any other motorcycle riding course I've attended. I feel that the course definitely helped improve my riding skills and abilities. I finished the class with enhanced skills and knowledge as well as discovering areas where I needed to practice further. The exercises and the riding course was great, however, the breaks where we performed "follow the leader" were also immensely helpful. I can't say enough about the low student to instructor ratio along with the quality and patience of yourself and the other instructors.

I continue to set aside some of my saddle time for the purpose of practicing the exercises and manuevers. Using either lightly travelled roadways or parking lots in off-hours, I find it both enjoyable and a confidence builder to do so. Once again, thanks for a great class.

Bruce from Illinois


Thanks for teaching this course in the Portland area! My wife saw your class advertised in the MHCC catalog and told me that if I wanted to continue riding a motorcycle, I had better take this course ;-)
I've learned more in the last two weekends of instruction than I have from my past 10 years riding experience. I'm amazed at what is possible on a motorcycle and this course has enabled me to maneuver through and around obstacles and to stop and execute and an escape plan in distances and areas that I just didn't think were possible.
Rather than learn (if I was lucky) from the school of hard knocks, we were taught in a controlled environment with bikes that were "ok" to (and each of us did) drop or lay over. The quality and quantity of instruction provided over this two weekend course is worth every penny. The techniques taught in this course will not only potentially save me thousands of dollars in repairs to my motorcycle but may one day save my life.
Please put me on the waiting list for the next refresher course offered at the Portland location!

Hi Ed,

I went out yesterday for a short ride and it was so great that I ended up going 100 miles.
The class was very helpful. I now have a lot more confidence and better riding skills. And, the bike is much better behaved now, it is smoother and does what I want without fighting back. Funny how that works! Probably the most important, I am now much more aware of my capabilities andweaknesses. I know what things I need towork on and what things I don't have to worry about.
Best Regards, Gary

September, 2008, I had the pleasure of receiving motorcycle handling training/instruction from the Northwest Motorcycle School. Under the tutelage of the Ed and Chief Instructor Zsolt I spent 4 enlightening 10 hour days with the school. The skill sets demonstrated and taught were all practical and safety oriented.

My class, composed of 6 students, developed the abilities to turn 360 degrees in confined spaces, obstacle avoidance, maximum braking, and other skills necessary for survival on the road. During the course we used the schools motorcycles. This removed our concern about dropping or falling off. The Northwest equipment is well suited for the instructional learning and course experience.

My fellow students and I were carefully coached and instructed by Ed and Zsolt. They both have an uncanny ability to observe and correct our riding skills. This course is really the best use of instructional dollars I have ever heard of or taken part in.I strongly recommend partaking in this adventure.

Be prepared for long tough days with a sharp learning curve, but worth every minute.

John, Gold Wing Rider.

Langley, British Columbia


When I attended the class, I'd only been riding for a couple of months. I was concerned that I should have more experience so that I could learn more and do better in the class. But I was assured that my inexperience was nothing to be concerned about & that another woman took the class with only a couple of days of riding experience. I actually feel that in some regards I had the advantage over those, like my husband, who had years of experience and many bad habits to go along with it. I, on the other hand, didn't have to overcome any bad habits because I hadn't ridden long enough to develop any!

I would highly recommend the class. Though I was concerned about the cost of the class & hotel my husbands attitude was that if I was going to be a rider, he wanted me to have the best knowledge and skill possible, because motorcycles are dangerous. It was one of the top three hardest things I've ever done in my life, mentally or physically. Few things can compare to the rush of succeeding at something hard.

The class is absolutely fantastic! Zsolt, the instructor, has a great attitude and doesn't get mad or make anyone feel stupid. If you keep making the same mistakes, he will run along beside you telling you exactly what to do and when to do it. He knows what he's doing & rode motorcycles as a career as well as for pleasure. His attention to detail is amazing. He notices things as seemingly minute as how far your head is turned and where your vision is focused. He is a true professional and has many competitive awards for his skill and attention to detail. I promise you that if you do what he & Ed say to do, you will be amazed at the improvement in your riding. I never thought I could lock my handlebars and turn within 18 feet and not fall down! I crashed & crashed & crashed until finally it clicked and I actually FELT what they'd been telling me. Oh my gosh! It felt awesome! Even though both Ed & Zsolt wondered whether I'd be able to pass the course, they never showed it or gave me less attention than the guys who were gettin it. I had a little trouble staying upright! I also was very afraid to lean or to give it more gas.

Again, I'd recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike, even if they've ridden for 30 years. It can give you the edge and the confidence to make the difference between living or dying. It's a fact that people respond to situations the way they have practiced it. If you never practice how to turn from right to left within a tight space at a high speed, how will you ever be able to do it in real life? And, none of us want to crash our own bikes practicing tight turns, therefore, we don't practice them. Crash their bikes! (don't tell them I said that!) Make your mistakes in a controlled environment with professionals who can show you how to do it correctly.


Hayden, Idaho


I've attended my share of riding courses and I am a licensed Motorcycle Instructor myself, and this course is by far the best one I have ever attended. This course will greatly improve your skills regardless of your current level of riding proficiency. All street riders from novice to expert alike will benefit from this exceptional training.

Police Motor Officers are extremely well trained and are some of the most skilled riders you will ever find on the road. For civilian riders to have access to the very same type of training is a very rare opportunity that should not be missed. For 42 hours of training by "master riders" this course is a tremendous bargain. You won't find this type of training anywhere else. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

So do yourself a favor and click on the "register" button now. You won't regret it.

Ride well, ride safe,

Vancouver, BC

Northwest Motorcycle School exceeded my expectations! I was worried about the cost as it was much higher than the competitor's one and two day classes. I had only been on a bike a few hours total in my life. I took a three hour private lesson that was amazing just to get me up to the skill level I needed to be at to take the class. Each day I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete one of the tasks but Ed and Zolt were wonderful, patient teachers and got me through it. They didn’t even get upset when I dropped the bike (about 30 times by the end of the four days)! By the last day of class I was confident enough to buy my dream bike and pass the DOL test to receive my license. My Dad who has been riding for over thirty years is amazed at the skills I acquired in only four days! You NEED to take this class!!!


Seattle, WA


A little student feedback. I got on my bike (BMW 1150GS) and noted ABS off, usually due to low battery voltage. I decided to continue myride to work. While traveling downhill in heavy traffic, a car parked curbside in my lane pulled out. I was unable to swerve due to another vehicle passing on left. I mashed brake and induced a front-wheel skid.

The bike skidded down and to the right and I instinctively put my right leg down, unfortunately.I recognizedthe skid and released the front brake. Theskid ended,I straightened the bike and braked.No impact with vehicle. Unfortunately, I sprained my right knee in the process.
Lessons learned:

the over reliance on ABS made me heavy on the brake, which directly contributed to the skid.
Putting yourfoot down is a novice move, however, I am not sure the instinct may be overcome without manyhours of practice, far more than the average rider.

The braking exercises in your schoolhelped me recognize and reverse the skid, which if continued would have resulted in collision or spill-out in heavy traffic.

So I am embarrassed and limping instead of in the hospital or worse. Just wanted to give you some feedback and say Murphy is a son-of-a bitch.


Dulles, VA

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