Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Private lessons are offered for $85 per hour. You can schedule as many hours as you like with a three hour minimum. Because a private lesson schedule is unique to each student, we encourage you to call or send us an email to discuss your desired scheduling before you order.

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Got a specific skill you want to dial in? We can design a lesson plan that'll do that for you.

Want to take a class, but can't make your schedule fit? We can find a time that works.

Don't want others watching when you drop your bike? (It's not a big deal, we promise; everyone drops the bike. That's why you don't use your own.)

The great thing about private lessons is that you can absolutely set your own pace, and focus on exactly what you want to, in a large controlled area with no one else around (but your highly skilled instructor) to distract you or get in your way. Your skills will build quickly in a low-stress environment over which you and your instructor have complete control.